Idemitsu Kosan has a long history with renewable energy projects in Japan and Idemitsu Australia is proud to bring that practice to Australia. We are committed to exploring diverse natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water, waves, geothermal heat and biomass.

We are exploring options to develop renewable power projects across our sites in Queensland and New South Wales, including solar and wind power in conjunction with battery storage.

The concept studies we are conducting focus on hybrid renewable energy technologies that are intended to provide a stable renewable power source to the grid in their local regions as well as support existing mining operations.


Idemitsu launches Muswellbrook pumped hydro feasibility study.

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Global Renewable Projects

We harness four key progressive energy sources to set a global standard where the economy and the environment can exist in harmony.

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Idemitsu Kosan supply wind power to their Japanese customers through the Futamata Wind Development Co. Ltd, jointly operated with Japan Wind Development Co.Ltd.


Solar power is one of the cleanest generation systems, producing zero carbon dioxide emissions. Idemitsu Kosan currently operate three solar plants in Fukuoka, Himeji and Fukushima prefectures.


Idemitsu Kosan have constructed a commercial hydrogen station at Narita Airport where hydrogen is supplied to fuel cell vehicles.


Idemitsu Kosan are currently undertaking concept studies on Cassava Basis, a natural resource material for ethanol, bioethanol, starch and feed from Cambodia and Palm Oil in both Indonesia and Malaysia.

Friday, 26 July 2019


Idemitsu Australia Resources (IAR) Managing Director Naoki Kawamoto and Chief Commercial Officer Chris Walsh recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AGL Energy (AGL) committing to fund a joint Engineering Feasibility Study for a 250MW pumped hydroelectric storage facility at the Muswellbrook Coal Mine.

This work will include design, engineering and geotechnical investigations is expected to take up to 18 months.

IAR Managing Director Naoki Kawamoto said that the Muswellbrook Coal Mine has been a mainstay in the community for 111 years and this agreement has the potential to continue providing economic and social benefits to the community by utilising one of the mine’s voids which is no longer being mined.

“Innovative rehabilitation solutions such as the reuse of mine voids for renewable energy generation can provide towns like Muswellbrook with a long term sustainable resource and attract further investment.

“Coal will continue to be an important pillar of our business in Australia alongside our existing fuel and agricultural businesses, with this project being our first Australian renewable energy study project proceeding to a fully-fledged feasibility”.

Chief Commercial Officer Chris Walsh said that Idemitsu Kosan, IAR’s parent company in Japan, is a diversified energy player with significant interests in renewable power generation in Japan, including Wind, Solar PV generation, Geothermal energy and Biomass.

“IAR is continually looking for new opportunities to utilise its assets and diversify its energy mix for the benefit of shareholders and to promote the energy security of Australia and Japan”.

“We recognise the importance of our mining operations in the regional locations we operate in and we are exploring innovative rehabilitation and sustainability solutions across all of our operations in New South Wales and Queensland.”

“On behalf of IAR I thank AGL Energy and Muswellbrook Shire Council for their efforts in making this partnership a reality and I look forward to progressing the study over the coming months.”


Hydro Team


Amer Hussein, Senior Manager Liddell Transition,
Brenton Farr, Manager – Power Development ,
Dave Johnson, General Manager Development and Construction

Idemitsu (L-R)
Chris Walsh, Chief Commercial Officer, Serge Radojevic, Manager – Commercial & Legal,
Naoki Kawamoto, Managing Director ,
Grant Clouten, General Manager (Muswellbrook Coal Mine)




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