Boggabri Coal Modification 8 Project

Project summary



Boggabri Coal Operations Pty Limited (BCOPL) has operated the Boggabri Coal Mine (BCM) on behalf of Idemitsu Australia Resources (IAR) and its joint venture partners since 2006.

BCM is located approximately 15 kilometres (km) north-east of the township of Boggabri in the North West Region of New South Wales (NSW) and is located wholly within the Narrabri Local Government Area (LGA).

The Modification

BCOPL is seeking to modify the existing Project Approval (now known as State Significant Development (SSD) Consent 09_0182) via an application under Section 4.55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

A conceptual layout of the Modification is shown on Figure 1 and generally comprises the following:

  • Increasing the approved maximum depth of mining down to the Templemore Coal Seam (and associated mine plan amendments) to recover an additional 61.6 Million tonnes (Mt) of Run of Mine (ROM) coal resource within the currently approved Mine Disturbance Boundary, resulting in a six year extension to mine life (i.e. from the end of 2033 to the end of 2039); and
  • Construction of a specifically designed fauna movement crossing across the existing haul road between the rehabilitated overburden emplacement area and the western side of the regional biodiversity corridor. The establishment of the fauna movement crossing is proposed to improve the movement of fauna from the Leard State Forest through the Southern Rehabilitation Area. Detailed design of the Fauna Movement Crossing is currently being investigated. It is anticipated that the crossing may require minor disturbance of less than 1.21 ha to ensure it blends with the surrounding environment.

Various mine plan options and infrastructure designs have been considered to ensure operational efficiencies, whilst ensuring that environmental impacts are minimised.


A Stakeholder Consultation Strategy has been developed for the Modification and is now underway, with the identification of key regulatory and community stakeholders along with the development of stakeholder engagement plans.

Community engagement is proposed to take the form of regular Newsletter updates to neighbours, personal discussions with affected stakeholders who request a briefing and regular presentations to the BCM Community Consultative Committee (CCC).

The most recent CCC meeting was held on 29 October 2020 and included a briefing in relation to the proposed Modifications being sought.

The main purpose of the Stakeholder Consultation Program is to identify any community concerns in relation to the Modification, so that they can be carefully considered in the planning and approvals process.


Contact Details

 If you have any questions regarding the Modification please contact:

Amanda O’Kane

Project Manager – Idemitsu Australia Resources

Phone: 1800 264 422 74