West Muswellbrook

West Muswellbrook Project

Muswellbrook Coal Company (MCC) has a proud 100+ year history in the Upper Hunter region. Through the West Muswellbrook Project, Idemitsu Australia Resources (IAR) is seeking to continue its local operations.

In 2009, MCC was granted Assessment Lease 19 (AL 19) by the Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services (DTIRIS) over 8,101 hectares of land located 18 kilometres west of Muswellbrook in New South Wales. A renewal application has been lodged and is currently under consideration by the New South Wales Government.

In the past seven years, IAR has continued to build on the earlier exploration activities in the area, collected additional data on the coal resource, conducted preliminary technical studies, and has identified the potential to develop an open-cut coal mine.


IAR’s ecologist undertook comprehensive ecological surveys to identify biodiversity values in AL 19, as part of the Upper Hunter Strategic Biodiversity Offsets Program.

Data from the surveys will assist in developing a cumulative Biodiversity Offsets Program for the entire Upper Hunter region. The Plan will identify potential cumulative biodiversity impacts of proposed mining developments and strategic biodiversity offset lands. By combining offset requirements across the region, the New South Wales Government aims to create large tracts of land across the Upper Hunter to better protect biodiversity and ultimately improve the environmental health of the region.


Throughout the project, IAR remains committed to keeping local residents informed via regular consultation. If you are a local landholder, email westmuswellbrook@muscoal.com.au to subscribe to the project newsletter.