Idemitsu Backed Documentary Project 'The Kamilaroi' Wins Award at NSW Mining HSEC Awards Dinner

Idemitsu Backed Documentary Project ‘The Kamilaroi’ Wins Award at NSW Mining HSEC Awards Dinner

August 21, 2019,



Idemitsu Australia Resources (IAR) Managing Director Naoki Kawamoto has praised the hardworking staff at the Boggabri Coal Mine for their strong commitment to community engagement, following the success of an audio-visual project supported by the Boggabri Environment and Community team.

Idemitsu Australia Resources subsidiary Boggabri Coal produced a documentary titled The Kamilaroi to provide a publicly available learning aid and video record of key elements of Kamilaroi culture and stories, as recounted by local Kamilaroi people. Boggabri Coal provided the funding and helped support a film crew interviewing local members of the Kamilaroi Nation.

Mr Kawamoto congratulated the staff and all involved in the film after The Kamilaroi received the Community Excellence award at the NSW Mining Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) Awards Dinner.

“Idemitsu is proud of our staff for their commitment to the local communities in which they work. This was an initiative that was championed by our staff in partnership with members of The Kamilaroi nation,” Mr Kawamoto said.

“We are grateful to give back to our community and for the opportunity to help to preserve the unique and priceless culture of the traditional owners on the land of the Boggabri Coal Mine.”

Hamish Russell who oversaw the project on behalf of Boggabri Coal remarked: “I’d like to thank the Kamilaroi People who chose to bravely share their knowledge and stories on camera enabling us to come up with the 20-minute-high quality, highly informative, emotionally evocative production that we subsequently named after them.”

“I also put on record my gratitude to the film’s producer Mathew Duffy of Duff Productions who’s guidance, creativity and professionalism was instrumental in helping us capture the story of the Kamilaroi People.”

Please note the film is available to watch on Vimeo, click here – The Kamilaroi.