Ensham Rehabilitation Study

Ensham Rehabilitation Study

December 4, 2019,

Protecting the local environment

Ensham is currently progressing an Environmental Authority amendment application with the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science (DES). The application submits our plan for post-mining rehabilitation as required under the conditions of the Ensham Environmental Authority.

Under our plan almost 85% or 4,400 hectares of rehabilitated mined areas will be restored to cattle grazing land and an additional 200 hectares will become native bushland corridors.

The video below shows the rehabilitation proposed for the whole mine.

Conceptual Final Landform

These 4 pictures show the total rehabilitated land area that could be impacted by rising groundwater some 200 years from now. The area involved is 2% of the rehabilitation or 154ha of the 5,995ha’s rehabilitated. Site based evidence and studies support that aquatic bird life will reside in these areas.

Note: The groundwater modelling confirms that there will be no groundwater impacts on the rehabilitated land at Yongala (F & Y Pits).

Ensham is proud of the quality of our progressive rehabilitation of the mine site. It is expected that rehabilitated areas will be available for grazing and local farmers have already expressed an interest in making use of these areas.

Ensham Mine – E Pit during operations and before rehabilitation.
Ensham Mine – E Pit after rehabilitation.


Ensham has undertaken extensive community consultation while developing the rehabilitation plan as part of the amendment application process.

June 2018 : Ensham Resources Ag-Grow Stall – Community members were able to review each of the options and discuss the rehabilitation plan with representatives of the Ensham mine. Over 300 people were issued information sheets in relation to the Project across the 3-day event.

A Community Reference Group was consulted about rehabilitation options and the associated scientific and environmental studies.

Full details of the Community Reference Group Charter, membership and Minutes are available online:

Idemitsu looks forward to working with the local community, stakeholders and the Queensland Government to finalise rehabilitation plans for the Ensham Mine. This will provide certainty for our 600 employees and the whole Central Highlands community and economy.